About Us

Columbia\Ilsa - 20 years experience developing Dry Cleaning machines for the world.

By designing machines for the German environmental rules many years ago, Columbia\Ilsa machines consistently outperform the competition.

Since 1986, Columbia Drycleaning Machines have been the distributor of ILSA S.p.A. for all of North America.

All ILSA products imported to our 12,000-sq. ft. Long Island, New York facility are thoroughly tested before shipment.

We provide full technical support via telephone and/or E-mail, and recommendation of accredited local service technicians within your area.

Columbia/ILSA Machines Corp. maintains a complete spare parts’ inventory totaling over 2 million dollars, on premises; with over-night shipment to anywhere in the United States. Within the drycleaning industry, Columbia/ILSA Machines Corp. is regarded as the leader in advanced, innovative technology. We offer solid-sate machines environmentally safe and performance efficient.

We are the only company to test each unit with a patented vapor analyzer, assuring that your Columbia/ILSA Machine will meet and exceed the requirements of Federal, State, and Local safety regulations.