“ There are so many good things about Ipura that I don’t know what to tell first. When I first heard about Ipura machine from a friend of mine, who is a drycleaner, everything I was told was too good to be true: The machine uses a simply solvent spraying method and does not require distillation ( no boiler), detergent, extraction, yet does brilliant cleaning. So I went to see the machine in action. There I found out that everything I was told was true! More incredibly the machine’s unique cleaning method - spraying the solvent on the garment using hot air - worked marvelously. Besides, the savings on time, supply, maintenance were simply incredible. I am using the machine for over 10 months now and very happily about my decision to purchase an Ipura.”

Howard Cleaners, Syosset NY 11791 (516-496-7962)