In 1993 Columbia/ILSA introduced the TL HCS N2,
a Hydrocarbon closed circuit cleaning system. Its introduction made industry news throughout the country due to its unique safety design of using a Class III liquid with a nitrogen inert atmosphere.

Today’s TL HCS N2 is notably the most advanced cleaning system in the market, earning its status as the Professional Series System. Loaded with features (see Pages 10, 11), the Professional Series’ design allows for an unlimited amount of cleaning options.

The Professional Series can also be fitted with an optional inline solvent heating system.

Steam Injection Wet & Dry™ Moisture enhances the cleaning properties of most Class III A solvents. Columbia/ILSA TL HCS systems inject steam (programmable) at the beginning of a cycle. The steam will humidify the air of the drum prior to solvent entry. Due to its unique design and advanced engineering, moisture will not accumulate when using wet and dry system within Columbia/ILSA cleaning systems.

Highlights Include:

• Three working tanks plus one settling tank
• Dual independent filter circuits
• Inline solvent cooling by refrigeration
• Programmable drum turns and stops
• Programmable drum speeds
• Programmable solvent levels
• Soap injections
• Wet & Dry steam injection
• Inline solvent heating system (optional)

With features such as these, style a program to work in any fashion the operator desires.

Ideally defines the art of Professional Garment Care.